native-icon image © 2008 Donna H. Chiarelli


I’m not rich

I’m not well known

Sometimes that hurts

Down to the bone 

But even in my darkest night

I reach my hands out toward the light 


I don’t need

The world at my feet

Knowing I’ve been loved

Makes me complete 

Though the gray clouds block the sun

I wish blue skies for everyone


There are days in my worried mind

I want to walk away, leave all this behind

But something deep within holds me here

It’s your sweet love shining bright and clear 

My soul gets heavy

My heart grows weak

I want to say something

But I don’t speak 

Years go by, they ebb and flow

Please know it’s your love that keeps me so


-Sean Wiggins & Billy Cioffi


~ by dutchghetto on December 5, 2008.

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