“Our Children”

mychildren-for-blogphoto © 2008 Donna Chiarelli


“When I was in therapy about two years ago, one day I noticed that I hadn’t had any children. And I like children at a distance. I wondered if I’d like them up close. I wondered why I didn’t have any. I wondered if it was a mistake, or if I’d done it on purpose, or what. And I noticed my therapist didn’t have any children either. He had pictures of his cats on the wall. Framed.”          -Spalding Gray


I wanted to introduce our “children” here at the Dutch Ghetto. Alby and Asher (l to r). Saying they are spoiled is a major understatement. They are both probably 20lbs+. They were born across the street under the shed at the bakery. They are 2 of a litter of 5 and their mother Minnie was very prolific to say the least :)


Usually Asher sleeps on my desk and Alby on Mr. Ghetto’s desk. What (very) slight maternal instinct I have goes to these two. I just love them so much and am one of those annoying cat people I am sure. Forgive my indulgence. They are just so much a part of our life at “the Ghetto”.



~ by dutchghetto on December 12, 2008.

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