Keep Going In…

forrestphoto © 2009 Donna H. Chiarelli


“Sometimes our life reminds me of a forest in which there is a graceful clearing

and in that opening a house, an orchard and garden,

comfortable shades, and flowers red and yellow in the sun, a pattern

made in the light for the light to return to. 


The forest is mostly dark, its ways

to be made anew day after day, the dark richer than the light and more blessed,

provided we stay brave enough to keep on going in.”

-Wendell Berry


~ by dutchghetto on January 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Keep Going In…”

  1. I love to come by the Dutch Ghetto, always delightful — and it’s such a soothing zen — if that’s the right way to say it

  2. So glad you enjoy it! That is why we do it. Come back soon!

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