An Artist’s Date

fishiesimages © 2009 Mr. Dutch Ghetto :)

The Dutch Ghetto inhabitants went on a trip to an asian grocery (Assi in North Wales, PA). We have to leave the ghetto and enter civilization when we want anything other than mashed potatoes it seems ;)  What a great visual journey this was! Naturally I forgot to bring a camera, duh, but Mr. Ghetto had his iPhone so we got a few images to show you. This place was wild. The fish and produce were probably the most interesting. All kinds of very fresh looking seafood, most of which I had no clue of what it was. Our favorite was the random fish in a stainless bin, with tongs for your fish grabbing pleasure. And then these little crabby snacks. They are actual crabs, and they are about the size of a quarter each. All packaged neatly and lined up on the shelf in rows of plastic orange pillows. 

crabbiesAll ready to just pop in your mouth and crunch away. Mmmmmm. We got out of there with just a few items, some jasmine tea, egg noodles, some tropical juices, a nice set of chopsticks and rice paddle, hot pepper bouillon cubes and some asian grape candy. All for around $30 bucks. And we got about $100 bucks worth of a good time. Artist’s dates can be found anywhere!  (An “artist’s date” can be explained in Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. Basically it is a time set aside to do something that stimulates your creativity, something visually exciting that keeps those creative juices flowing)

~ by dutchghetto on January 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “An Artist’s Date”

  1. do the tamago gani okabe melt in your mouth or is there alot of gnawing involved. Thanks

  2. i think there would be a lot of chewing. mmmmm

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