We like Cheetos, and other thoughts…

noodle-likes-cheetos1Photo © 2009 Donna H. Chiarelli

This is our “son” Alby showing his love for Cheetos. I thought you all might enjoy. I love the face he makes in all his bliss for powdered cheese.

I got a new smaller camera so I would have one with me more often for blogging purposes and location looks, etc. Come to find out the software we use won’t support these new photo files, unless that is, we spend quite a few bones to upgrade to the latest and greatest. Art doesn’t come easily to the little guy anymore. I might have to resort to paint and markers and tape again. Just a pet peeve of mine that doing things the honest way, and a little at a time just doesn’t seem to work out anymore. It’s frustrating. But we have to keep on keepin’ on I guess. Any thoughts?


~ by dutchghetto on February 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “We like Cheetos, and other thoughts…”

  1. sweet photo or perhaps, barbecue flavor. love this pic. i think alby and max are bruthers. oregon is beeutiful. main stret reminiscent of pottsville in 70’s.

  2. cool, we have to talk. wonderin how u made out. oxoxoxoxoxo-d.

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