A Dutchy Treat

donut1Photo © 2009 Donna H. Chiarelli

We feel it’s our job here at the ghetto to keep our readers informed of all the dutchy goings on here. I am a day late but you really should know about Fasnacht Day, sometimes spelled Fastnacht or Faschnacht, here in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Land. Funny I should type the word heart while talking about these fried in lard, fat laden morsels. These potato based doughnuts come in around 300 or more calories each, and it just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t smear some barrel molasses on before eating them. Local fire companies and groups make hundreds of dozens of them for fund raisers, plus the local groceries get in on the deal too. In past years we have seen signs to get your  “drive thru fasnachts” at a local store. Now, correct me if I am out of line here, but if you are buying a bag of these mini heart attacks, shouldn’t you at least get out of you car and walk 30 feet to get them?  Fasnachts came with the original Pennsylvania Dutch, who wanted to fatten up before fasting for Lent. I think they probably would work well for that, and go well beyond that goal.

Now I guess technically I am a coal cracker, but there is some German in my background, so yes, I have to say I enjoy these puppies once a year, complete with molasses. And what better to wash down all that yummy grease and sugar, than a local brewed birch beer. I got the diet kind. To save a few calories ;)

birchbeerPhoto © 2009 Donna H. Chiarelli


~ by dutchghetto on February 25, 2009.

One Response to “A Dutchy Treat”

  1. Oh! Yum! If I’d known, I would have invited myself. Next year.

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